Cornwall's Beauty and History

Most tourists who pick a new vacation destination choose some of the more notable cities and towns located throughout the UK. London, Dublin, Manchester, and Glasgow, are some of the fist that might come to mind. However, travelers who pay attention and do the research can find new areas that others do not visit nearly as much. This has the potential to open your eyes to a whole new culture, and it enables you to learn about the historical significance of a new location. One of the best places to visit is Cornwall, which is located in the UK.

The area of Cornwall, is located on the western part of the south-west peninsula of Great Britain. A large area of the Cornubian batholith is situated in this area, and it was first inhabited during the Mesolithic and Palaeolithic time periods. Eventually, it was inhabited by the people of the Bronze Age and the Neolithics. During the Iron Age, it was inhabited by the Brythons. The Brythons shared simillar cultural relationships with neighbours Brittany and Wales. Since the area has such a diverse group of people who have occupied the land in the past, it is rich with cultural significance for all visitors to explore.

Cornwall is specifically a ceremonial county, and it is a unitary authority type area within the UK. It is bordered to the west and north by the Celtic Sea, and this lends to its pristine beauty. It’s also bordered by the English Channel. Cornwall’s population is roughly 536,000, and the land itself stretches over 3,563 square miles. The only city in Cornwall serves as the administrative center. This city is called Truro, but a town called St. Austell has a larger population. The entire area is known for its incredible landscapes, and its picturesque coastline. Pretty villages dot the landscape, many of which have names which come from the Cornish language. The mild climate adds to the area’s overall attractiveness for visitors.

One of the best aspects of Cornwall is that it is the homeland of the traditional Cornish people. It is viewed as a Celtic nation, and it has a rich history to share with all who pay it a visit. Currently there is a nationalist movement that aims to achieve more autonomy for the people of this region of the UK. Interestingly, Cornish people were granted minority status on April 24th, 2014. This granted them much more protection under the law.

If you’re interested in finding a place that is rich in history and beauty, then you need to visit Cornwall. The climate is perfect for people who love coastal areas, and there is plenty to explore throughout the villages which dot the landscape. The people who reside int he area are welcoming, and they are eager to share their cultural significance with everyone who cares to learn more about them. It is best to set an itinerary for when you visit. This will allow you to experience Cornwall in all of it’s splendour.